Welcome to Groove®, a family-friendly music and arts studio in the heart of Larchmont where the music is live, the vibe is original and the groove is a given. 

Can you find your Groove?


Since 2005, Groove has been Westchester’s homebase for the award-winning children’s music program Music for Aardvarks as well as an evolving roster of creative classes for kids from birth through elementary school.   Click for class descriptions!

Kudos for Groove!



"Groove is the warmest, coolest, most innovative, most welcoming place for families of every stripe -- especially with young kids -- in Larchmont!  As a mom in a two-mom family, Groove is one place in Larchmont where I feel utterly at home and included, with or without my kids!"

"I am a mom and a nanny. Having done EVERY possible children’s class in Westchester over the past 30 years, I can say without a doubt that Groove is the best around! Amazingly fun, friendly, caring, talented staff! I look forward to class each week."

“Groove offers the greatest musical start for the little ones. The teachers all share their love for kids as well as their musical genius."

"Groove is a wonderful business that uses music and the arts to empower children to be creative and socially aware. Owner Lesley Barovick is a local mom and Groove showcases the best that our community has to offer. Support arts & kids! Support Groove!”

"Bright, fun, energetic atmosphere with wonderful music that moms, dads, grandparents, sitters - the whole family can enjoy! My oldest is 12 and we still sing the TAXI song. What would we be without music & musicians?"